Originally, health programs for doctors were operated on the goodwill of committed volunteers in each state.

In 2014 the Medical Board of Australia saw the need to invest in these independent programs. They therefore partnered with the Australian Medical Association to establish an independent national program called “Doctors Health Services”, now known as DRS4DRS.

MBA recognises that DRS4DRS needs to operate separately from regulatory bodies, so that we can confidentially support doctors without fear of reporting. We are therefore a subsidary of AMA and operate independently.

Frequently asked questions

Let us clear up some common questions about doctors health so that you can access the support you need.


What do DRS4DRS do?

Each state in Australia has its own helplines and referral services. As the national coordinator, we’re here to help you navigate these services.


Is the service confidential?

Absolutely. While we do receive funding from the Medical Board of Australia, we operate independently from regulatory bodies.


What happens when I call the helpline?

The helplines are staffed by senior GPs and counsellors with experience in Doctors’ Health. When you call a helpline you’ll speak to someone at the paging service who will then ask you for a name and contact number. This is not an emergency or crisis line, but a first point of contact.


Can you help me find a good GP?

Yes. Some states have clinics specifically for doctors, while others have a directory of GPs trained to treat doctors. We can help you contact the State Service you want and help will be provided to assist you to find a GP who treats medical colleagues.


What can I talk to you about?

You can call us to get advice on your physical and mental wellbeing. We’re a listening ear to provide you with perspective.


Who is running the show?

DRS4DRS and the state services are currently run by dedicated doctors who have a vision to see improved wellbeing in the medical profession.

Our leadership


Mr David Brennan


Member of Expert Advisory Council

Ms Liesel Wett


Dr Caitlin Weston


Dr Roger Sexton


Dr Antonio Di Dio


Dr Martin Laverty

CEO and company secretary

Ms Christine Brill

Executive officer

Our Panel of doctors’ health experts

The Board is advised and supported by its Expert Advisory Council. The members of the EAC are a dedicated group of doctors who are experienced in practitioner health:

Dr Choong-Siew Yong


Doctors’ Health Advisory Service New South Wales

Assoc Professor Jill Benson, AM


Doctors’ Health South Australia

Dr Nicola Campbell


AMA Council of Doctors in Training nominee

Dr Bronwyn Carson


NT nominee

Dr Marjorie Cross


ACT nominee

Dr Kathryn Hutt

Doctors’ Health Advisory Service New South Wales

Dr Patrick Johnson


Victorian Doctors Health Program

Ms Sophie Keen


Australian Medical Students’ Association nominee

Dr Sarah Newman


Doctors’ Health Advisory Service Western Australia

Dr Bill Pring


Australian Medical Association nominee

Dr Jennifer Schafer


Queensland Doctors’ Health Programme

Dr Liz Webber


Tasmanian nominee

Dr Edwin Whiteside


Doctors’ Health Advisory Service New Zealand

Ms Christine Brill

Program Coordinator

Drs4Drs Pty Ltd

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