Caring for and treating your colleagues can be challenging

Assisting other doctors to look after themselves before they start to make mistakes means that they will not need to come to the attention of the Medical Board, which is only interested in unsafe doctors who are putting the public at risk.

A good doctor for another doctor or medical student is one who:

  • Maintains professional boundaries and establishes rules for engagement
  • Is prepared to make longer appointments and creates an unhurried environment
  • Builds trust and shows empathy
  • Reaffirms the importance of confidentiality
  • Establishes the usual billing arrangements
  • Shares the decision-making and follow-up arrangements and discusses blended care
  • Does not take shortcuts in practising evidence-based best practice and does not avoid uncomfortable discussions.
  • Our online modular education course has been developed to help you understand your own health as well as how to care for medical students and doctor patients.