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  • New focus on Top End doctors’ health

    scheduleJune 9, 2017 doctorportal

    Practising medicine in the Northern Territory can be as rewarding as anywhere else, but it has its own particular challenges. Many NT doctors work in remote and isolated regions where they have to be able to rely on themselves, without the kind of support they’d find in the capital cities. Read more

  • Mandatory reporting: the “low hanging fruit” in doctors’ health

    scheduleJune 9, 2017 doctorportal

    Although mandatory reporting requirements are well-intentioned efforts to protect patients, many professionals worry they are a major barrier to doctors seeking help for their mental health issues. Read more

  • Six keys for managing work fatigue

    scheduleJune 1, 2017 Medical Journal of Australia

    Some tips for doctors to better manage their fatigue at work. By Avant. Read more

  • What needs to happen to build resilience and improve mental health among junior doctors

    scheduleJune 1, 2017 The Conversation

    Are our medical students and junior doctors overworking? Can we identify underlying causes of mental distress and suicidal thoughts, as well as the warning signs? Can medical schools, hospital employers, supervisors, professional organisations and peers do more to prevent further tragedies? By Professor Richard Murray and Professor Brendan Crotty. Read more

  • Dear Dr, find someone you trust and start talking

    scheduleJune 1, 2017 MJA InSight

    In the medical profession, it seems that doctor suicide has been shrouded in secrecy for some time – we know it happens, but nobody talks about it. Read more

  • Doctor burnout: a worldwide epidemic

    scheduleJune 1, 2017 dp blog

    Dr Maxine Szramka discusses burnout in the medical profession. Read more

  • Burnout as collateral damage

    scheduleJune 1, 2017 MJA InSight

    Associate Professor Will Cairns reflects on the systemic and cultural factors that may contribute to burnout of intensivists (and others). Read more

  • Have the courage to act on burnout

    scheduleFebruary 27, 2017 MJA InSight

    Senior intensive care specialist Associate Professor Charlie Corke reflects on burnout in the medical profession. Read more

  • MJA Podcast: Suicide in the health professions

    scheduleFebruary 24, 2017 Medical Journal of Australia

    Dr Allison Milner discusses her research on the elevated rates of suicide among health professionals. Available here

  • The importance of taking care of our own

    scheduleFebruary 23, 2017 Australian Medicine

    A personal perspective on mental health and suicide in medicine by Dr John Zorbas. Read more

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