National Forum on Reducing the Risk of Suicide in the Medical Profession – Pre-reading

Aim of pre-reading:

  • Participants have a similar base level of knowledge regarding contemporary theories of suicide,previous research into doctors help seeking and doctor suicide, and other related issues, and
  • Participants are provided with some examples of current interventions occurring in the area.

Essential pre reading:

  1. Kay et al – Developing a framework for understanding doctors’ health access: a qualitative study of Australian GPs. Australian Journal of Primary Health 18(2) 158-165
  2. Suicide Behaviour Research Lab. The Integrated Motivational-Volitional Model of Suicidal Behaviour (IMV).
  3. Joiner, Thomas. The Interpersonal-Psychological Theory of Suicidal Behavior: Current Empirical Status.

Additional reading and resources:

  1. Marie M Bismark, Matthew J Spittal, Jennifer M Morris and David M Studdert
    Reporting of health practitioners by their treating practitioner under Australia’s national mandatory reporting law Med J Aust 2016; 204 (1): 24. || doi: 10.5694/mja15.00710
  2. Allison J Milner, Humaira Maheen, Marie M Bismark and Matthew J Spittal Suicide by health professionals: a retrospective mortality study in Australia, 2001–2012 Med J Aust 2016; 205 (6): 260-265. || doi: 10.5694/mja15.01044
  3. Scott J Fitzpatrick and Ian H Kerridge Challenges to a more open discussion of suicide Med J Aust 2013; 198 (9): 470-471. || doi: 10.5694/mja12.11540
  4. Robert D Goldney Suicide by health care professionals Med J Aust 2016; 205 (6): 257-258. || doi: 10.5694/mja16.00249
  5. Beyond Blue, 2013. Developing an action plan to support the mental health of doctors and medical students
  6. Kunde, Kolves et al Pathways to Suicide in Australian Farmers (example of a psychological autopsy approach) –
  7. Suicide Prevention Australia – The Ripple Effect: Understanding the Exposure and Impact of Suicide in Australia.
  8. Melbourne Health newsletter MH connect – example of culture change in practice.
  9. Resources from the Lifespan project, a suicide prevention research project being implemented by Black Dog Institute – further information can be obtained from the LifeSpan website. LifeSpan brochures can be downloaded here.
  10. Resources from the Mindframe National Media Initiative which provides access to up-to-date, evidence-based information to support the reporting, portrayal and communication about suicide and mental illness – further information can be obtained from the Mindframe website

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