Katrina has just passed her final Physician exams. She has given up everything to pass the College examinations, which she did on her second attempt. She has not been in a long-term relationship for several years but has had a few ‘flings’ when she has ‘let her hair down’ at parties. Her family lives interstate and she keeps in touch with her mother via WhatsApp and speaks to her by Skype when she can.  She has lost contact with her school friends and no longer plays team sport, which she used to really enjoy. She saw a psychologist last year to assist her Fellowship examination preparation and she found this very helpful. 

She has put on 15 kg over the last 3 years that she has been studying, has not had a cervical screening test for 4 years, and has been prescribing herself thyroxine for long-standing hypothyroidism and omeprazole for reflux for 2 years. She says she wants to look after herself better and at the age of 35 is concerned about how she can balance her personal and professional life in the future. The GP listened carefully to all of these concerns and initially did the cervical screening test, an STI screen, BP and blood tests. They explored ways of losing weight, increasing exercise, reconnecting with friends and organizing trips both to see her mother and for relaxation overseas. She referred her for an endoscopy and to a gynaecologist to discuss fertility options. They organized for Katrina to return every 6 months to continue to monitor how she was going.